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Polar habitats

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❶Camouflage Can you find the animal in these pictures? Name some plants in your garden?

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History homework help habitats
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What are polar habitats?

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What are rainforest habitats?

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Fascinating facts, did-you-know, images, videos, just for fun and more all about polar habitats.

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A home is a safe place to live. Homes shelter animals from the weather, protect them from predators or enemies, provide them with a safe place to bear and raise their young, and sometimes even provide a place to store food. Homes serve these same purposes for human beings. An animal's living place.

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The two main types of habitats are land habitats and water habitats. Among the many types of land habitats are rain forests, deserts, and mountains. Because of their moist climate, rain forests support more kinds of plant and animal life than any other habitat. In contrast, deserts support only animals and plants that can live without much water. Habitats are places where animals live. For example, a woodpecker lives in a woodland. How these animals get along with each other Let’s think of habitats as Read more "Habitats".